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Advice on choosing a reduced prescription?
My current glasses prescription is -6 right, -7.5 left. I discovered the Bates method a couple of weeks ago, and have been going without my glasses wherever possible, but I struggle to do nearly everything but knitting and reading! I haven't noticed any *measurable* improvement yet, but it's becoming very uncomfortable to wear my current glasses. As soon as I put them on I can feel tension in my forehead, like my brain is resisting using them!

I bought some pinholes, but I'm finding them unusable at the moment due to the multiple images - I hope I'll get used to them in time, but I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable wearing them in social situations because of the black lenses. So I think it's time I get a reduced prescription. I'll still wear my current glasses for the occasional days that I have to drive, so really I want a prescription that is just strong enough to let me use the computer, clean the house and watch the conductor of the singing group I go to. My question is, how low should I go? Would -4.5, -6 be too ambitious for a first reduction?

My other query is, there is a marked difference (1.5 diopters) between my eyes at the moment. Should I be doing anything special to try and redress the balance, or will it happen naturally over time?

I feel I should mention that I had a full eye exam last month - the optometrist confirmed that my eyes are healthy, but I got the impression that he wouldn't be open to the use of a reduced prescription. I plan to order from Zenni Optical.

Thanks in advance for any help and opinions!

Hi Linda. The way I did it, was reduce my prescription 1 diopeter at a time. Initially I got terrible headaches, just
felt nauseous when I first did the reduction. No doubt I was overprescribed already from a child. That's why I
think you should try 1 diopeter because if you do more, you may not be able to wear them. Just my opinion,
I know everyone is so different .. If you buy your glasses from zenni optical they will be cheap and once your
vision improves with the 1 diopter reduction you can further reduce by another diopeter... I also wore some
+2 reading glasses over my reduced prescription while on the computer or while reading a book. Naturally I did/do
try to read a book or do any tasks like eating dinner, or watching TV at night before bed, without any prescription.

I don't know about what else you can do to rebalance your eyes as most people have this problem where one eye
has a greater prescription than the other. I guess we hold tension in our eyes more than the other.. Just do Bates exercises , eat well.. I am currently using an eyewash which is making my eyes very clear and glowing. My vision has improved
a little, but not measurably yet. I think I have been doing it for about 1 month now..

I hope I helped a bit!
Regards, Its Smile me
Switching back and forth on objects at close and far distances with both eyes, one eye at a time, both together again.
Practice a little more with the eye that needs improvement.
Shift on the close and far objects, use central fixation...
Dr. Bates had his patients do this on close and far eye charts and on close fine print or a close eye chart and a distant sign.
You dont need to do this as a exercise or all the time.
Just a few inutes of practice daily, then couple days week, then only when needed brings improvement.
Do it as a relaxing game, let the mind think of pleasant things as the eyes, eye shifts on close and far objects.
This will improve the vision in the less clear eye and bring vision in both eyes clearer.
Otherwise just follow Bates methods.

The long swing, sway, shifting and seeing the swing; oppositional movement of the object onlarge, and small objects, letters.
The cross crawl activates and intergrates the left and right brain hemispheres and this helps improve vision equally clear in both eyes, all distances.
See Tom Quackenbush and Janet Goodrich books showing left and right hemisphere functions and which hemisphere dominates close, far vision.
Both hemispheres function with the left and right eyes.
Practice some of these activities, hobbies that will activate a hemisphere that might be supressed, less active.
This will result in the improved hemisphere/hemispheres activating correct function, clear vision in the eye with less clear vision, the eye that hemisphere controls and improvement in both eyes.
It is not only a hemisphere, it can also be a part of the brain, part of one or both hemishphere that need more activity, improved function.
I was never good at math.
My close and distant vision improved in high school when I became interested in it, better at it.
I am too tired to spell check this more than once, so hope its ok.
To itsme
I think wearing the reading glasses over the reduced prescription is slowing your vision improvement.
My Natural Vision Improvement teacher says to have two pairs reduced if you have close and distant blur.
One reduced pair for close.
One reduced pair for distant.
Wear only one pair at a time.
Also; wear only close lenses for close vison.
Wear only distant lenses for distant vision.
I'm looking to reduce my prescription too, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

My most recent eye test tells me the following.....
Right eye
SPH -3.25 CYL -0.25 AXIS 30
Left eye
SPH -3.00 CYL -0.25 AXIS 165

I'm not too sure what the cylinder and axis refer to and what effect they would have if I was reducing my prescription. Can anyone help?

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