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Blind convention
Got invited to a convention for the Blind at Crown Plaza Hotel, Worcester, MA April 24, 25, 26.
Hundreds of Blind folk with Seeing Eye Dogs will be there.
Going to give out free CD of as a E-Book with Better Eyesight Magazines and other Bates books attached.
One man I meet often is now wearing lighter sunglasses (used to wear full dark) and can now go outside, cross the street, take bus without his dog. Gave doggie a day off last week.
He uses a little Bates method, starting to believe in it.
Military guy. Would make a very good Bates teacher. Hes going to help me give the CD's to the right people at the convention so they can be copied, more given out.
Almost 100% of the blind are never taught Bates method. Its only walking stick training, glasses, operations...
There should be access to Bates training for these people. Audio CD (Greg Marsh), books on tape, braille.
Went to Blind convention today.
Gave CD, free books on Bates Method to a sponsor.
Hopefully they will distribute these to the blind people at the convention.
Lady never heard of Bates method. Was surprised and interested but I warned her about the opposition from optical industry, most eye surgeons, and some other services for the blind.
Seems like everyone that is selling something to the blind/visually impaired hides the Bates method so the blind must buy their services.

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