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wearing an eye patch
Just want to put something here that might help people if I can. I had a lot of success with a method I read about in another book where you wear an eye patch each day. Try to do this when you are doing something not potentially dangerous like watching t.v.. Try to use it an equal amount on each eye. I don't know why it works. But htis is what helped me get my first clear flash.
I've been experimenting with one and it's been working great guns. I've just been using over my better eye to get my worse eye up to shape. The best excersice seems to be using a computer just using the left eye. IT's incredibly blurry but the extra blur created is helping the eye to adjust to it without leaning on the other to do the work. So thanks for reminding usabout thiis method. I'd first read about it by in a book by the AVI crowd but after I got Relearning to See I stopped doing what they suggested, except for 'Blur zoning' which is a very good excercise and can often be done anywhere at anytime, and it appears alot of other people have had success with using that technique too.

Cheers, JW


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