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question about a noob and his glasses...
Ok im trying to ease the use of my glasses. they are -10 so you can imagine how hard it is for me in class and doing work. However when I am home doing work I would like to read without my glasses. Is this safe? I would be very close to my book if i took my glasses off. I did it yesterday and recieved some strain. Please help, thanks.
The strain won't kill you. You are probably straining close to that much throughout the day, anyways. You have a large hill to climb; you might as well start with your first steps.
lots of light on the page;
find a comfortable, relaxed position (music stand might be really convenient);
blink ever so lightly;
give yourself a few minutes scanning the page in all directions without trying to read until something about the print seems darker or clearer;
last but not least,
follow your breath with your awareness.
p.s.:'s all about relaxation... Wink
Practice on fine and microscopic print and the vision will improve and plain print will be easy to see.
Bates Method - Better Eyesight Magazines.

Perfect Sight Without Glasses free download