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sorry but i cant ....
Sorry, i train and train , but with no result, I try to imagine picture. In the first i see better,but this was only moment. im tried to try another methods. I was shifting, palming ( 2 hours even !) , central-fixation ( i know wheres is point of best sight ) and memory. But all wit no result.

I was in opticalman but the vision stayed.

I may see better in the moment but no longer ...

I think to a skip this methods and allow my vision to get worse because this is nonsense to lost one year to get nothing
Hello everybody!

You should say sorry but you can!

For me the methods that he gives are not very useful but they works under some conditions...
As an example, Right when you wake in the morning, don't open any light and go palm for 5-6 min.
During this time, put a song in your head. It can be anything stupid or a song that you like but it have to come easily.
You will see that when you will open the lights in your house the light will not bother you and you will have at least 500% more energy in your day!(personnaly it works!)
If any method is hard or doesn't work you don't do it in the right way. Take it easy and say hello to your snellen!

Have a nice day and keep up!
Feel good!
'I train I train' and 'I try'

It sounds like you're putting too much work into the method. It's about relaxation and fun. Maybe read a book geared towards children or Dr. Bates's magazine articles that are meant for children. As soon as a method is boring or like work, it won't help your eyesight.

If you really want to quit it, don't resign yourself to letting your eyes get worse as you say. check your own visual accuity on the chart, that tells you if your eyes are better or the same or worse over time. You could use a reduced prescription (20/30) to reduce your chances of your eyes getting worse if you observe that works (mine have kept getting better since I wear only reduced glasses when I do wear glasses).

Further, you can use good vision habits while wearing your glasses, and this may also keep your eeys stabilized so they don't slide into something worse. The method takes time. After a whole year, my eyes got much better on the Snellen chart, but the optometrist said it was only 0.5 D. I don't think there's much link between the optometrist and what I can see with my two eyes.

i dont waering glasses. I have now ( i think ) -0.5D, on snellen card i see 20/40 or 20/50.

Quote:You could use a reduced prescription (20/30) to reduce your chances of your eyes getting worse if you observe that works (mine have kept getting better since I wear only reduced glasses when I do wear glasses).

you want to tell me i should not wearing a ideal glasses for my eyes ? I dont wearing a glasses. Im enemy of the glasses :]
wow, I didn't know your eyes were that good! Smile I thought maybe your prescription was much worse and that perhaps it was necessary for you to wear glasses for work. If you only have 0.5 D then don't bother with the optometrist to tell you that your eyes are better. I think they would prescribe 0.5 D for almost everyone alive.

So what do you mean then by letting your eyes get worse? I assumed you meant you would wear glasses to make your eyes worse. so why give up?

How far have you been practicing with the chart? If you only look from 20 feet, perhaps read and practice from closer distances. the step from 20/40 to 20/30 is quite large. perhaps that is why you haven't seen improvement. It may be easier if you start at 10 feet, perhaps you can see the 20 line from that distance? Then move back 2 inches or a few centimeters each day. In this way it is easier to see progress. Perhaps after doing this for 4-5 months you might be reading the 20 line from 13 feet or so (13/20) That is better than 10/20.

Or, find the distance where you can read the letters on the 30 line, then move back a couple of inches each day. After some months you will reach 20 feet.

Practice from different distances each week, practice different methods each week. Don't worry so much about always getting better. Practice each time improving the clarity of the letters that you CAN see. I would guess that it may take 4-6 months to see so much improvement that you can read 20/30. Be patient and enjoy seeing and noticing different colors and textures and new details every day.
but i was looking to a card even 1 hour a day.If would you looked to a chart every day in 2 weeks( one hour in day ) and werent gets any better vision, then you will be happy for this 'super' methods ? Sometimes i have better, but next day was much worse. When im swinging, image become clarity, but only for few seconds. The same thing is when im imaginating, blinking and remebering black dot. I could swing for a 30 minutes, but when i end, image was clear for a few sec and again get blur back, Im tired to again practising this, when i have not any results.

ps. With both eyes i can see 20/40 almost without problems, but when i change to one eye only then there i almost read them.
The chart is not a race & the point of it is not to achieve a goal, to see the lowest line possible, then an even lower line the next day. Use it as a tool for awareness: what are you doing with your eyes or mind when the letters are clearer? Keep that up & do it all day long, not just at the chart. If the letters are blurry, can you be aware of any areas in your body where you are straining, & if so, let them go?
2 weeks isn't very much time actually. Perhaps you could try looking at the chart for 10-15 minutes instead of one hour. Learn something in those 15 minutes: what did you do to make your eyes better? Do that the whole day. What did you do to make your eyes worse? Stop doing it.

Or, don't use a chart, use something else to practice looking at. Anything - a nice picture or calendar. See what you can do 15 minutes perday that helps you to see this better. Rest your eyes frequently throughout the day by palming or swinging. In this way, the maximum time you spend on the Bates method os 15-30 minutes per day. You will have the benefit of being more relaxed. Look around you during the day to notice the small improvement in your eyesight.

It may be some months before you see 20/30, so don't stress out if that doesn't come. My vision is often getting better and worse, see my plot of my progress:

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The last 7 weeks I documented everything. Some weeks are better, some weeks worse. On average it gets better.

Success comes only with patience and time it seems.
i think you are right. Im doing nothing, sometimes palming and remebmer blac letter swinging in mind.
When i looked on chart, i saw a bit better. Thank very much. I will post here when worse vision back...
LOL. Love this thread! O0


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