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Has anyone visited chyropractor?
I don't have any idea what they do, but am reading more and more that they can help in energy release and thus help in vision training.

I red also they can help if astigmatism is caused by difficult birth-vacuum and forceps, they can fix the scul so is not pressing the eyebals causing astigmatism. this is a case with my son, he is having very bad astigmatism, but am not sure if chiropractor would be a good idea.

My GP is definitively against, but she has also laughed out my training, which made me feel bad, but then we are all different and having deeply seated different beleifs. I am just emerging out of one world into a wholistic, mindbody world,and is not easy, I am so lonely.

Do you know what kind of chiropractor would be able to help with my vision training as I got a feeling they just go for money, not really knowing if they can help my vision geting better, at least that's what I am hearing around. But, I somehow deeply intuitively beleive in all this energy thing. I was always suffering of low energy levels, always feeling tired, but never knew how to get help, as everything else was healthy with me.
I know now the contact lenses were eating my energy, and also stress & muscles tension is my normal living condition. So, I would like to go out of it but am not sure how, any advice is welcome!
Cheers & Thanks!
Hi Flowerpower. Yes, who you are looking for is someone who does either Applied or Specialized Kinesiology.I actually went to one for a while, and had the bones of my skull put back into place after a concussion.
Also, I had a very bad eye infection which almost took my sight and because my eye was closed shut for
a while my eyelid function got stiff/ stuck. I also had problems looking upwards with the eyeball.
Both of these conditions were miraculously cured in 1-2 sessions. I really hate to think of what my eye would have
been like without their help. But plse is all in how good and talented the Kinesiologist is..
I hope that helps. It's best to get one recommended..

Regards, Its Smile me
I see a chiropractor once a week, initially sent there for a consultation by my behavioral optometrist, who said many people with severe myopia (mine used to be -10, with astigmatism too), have constriction in the C2 vertebra. This is the second cervical bone down from the skull, at the top of the neck. The chiropractor has loosened my lifelong neck & shoulder tension considerably, & I know my overall posture is better too, & I feel a lot more balanced. I'd recommend a network chiropractor over a traditional one who "cracks your bones". You might also want to check out cranial sacral therapy which manipulates the skull bones, or the Alexander Technique or some other postural discipline. Even if a chiropractor puts your vertebrae or skull bones back in correct alignment, the wrong use of your body can pull them back out of place again. Take a look at where Peter Grunwald talks about the sphenoid bone in the skull being tilted forward in myopes. I have no experience with Eyebody but it makes a lot of sense to me from what I've read.

Thanks both to the replies. I don't have anyone to refere me to some kynesiologist ot chiropractor, but I have found one lady in my area may try her soon.

I'll keep you informed.



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