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My story

I am Ely, I'm 17 from Israel (yeah, from far far away).

I had glasses when I was 6 (L eye: +0.75 , R eye: +1.25). I was told that my right eye is even weaker. When I was 7 I didn't needed them anymore, but even the optolmologist told it wouldn't last for longer than 6 years. When I was 13 I started noticing that my right eye is getting weaker and weaker. In that year I had an argument with one of my friends and I called her "blind bat", and I was blind myself too... I didn't want her to see me with glasses so I started looking for a natural way to improve my eyesight, that way I found an e-book of the Bates' method and starting practicing.

My eyesight was: L eye: 20\20
                        R eye: 40\20 +0.5 and cyl: +0.5

After 2 or 3 months: L eye: 17\20 better than 20\20.
                              R eye: 20\20
Now:  L eye: 10 (or 12)\20
          R eye: 20\20
Hi dragon28,

Thanks for sharing! But one thing - it looks like you've reversed the 20/xx notation. 12/20 would mean you can read the '20' line only as far as 12 feet away, but I think you mean the opposite since you're saying it's better than 20/20.

Unless in Israel they use the reverse notation as here in the US? Although don't they use the metric system for this too (6/6 for meters instead of 20/20 for feet) ?

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I think the correct notation would be 20/12.  So from 20 feet away he would see what a normal person sees at 12 feet away.  Damn good if you ask me.  That's eagle vision right there!

It is  20\12..... I am used to write in Hebrew and there is a bug in the windows so you have to write "12\20" to make it 20\12....
Ben Hill Wrote:I think the correct notation would be 20/12.  So from 20 feet away he would see what a normal person sees at 12 feet away.  Damn good if you ask me.  That's eagle vision right there!

Yeah, and the OD still tries to find what's wrong with my eyes, he can't accept that Bates' does work.
thats binocular vision lol....try going to a concert with your friends or something and buy the cheap tickets (super far seats high up) and while they use binoculars to see whats going on u just sit there and observe the band singing Tongue
Wow i have myopia at 26 years old, it's only -2.00 in my left and -2.25 in my right eye, i am currently doing the bates method myself, i hope to restore my vision as it's been for the passed 25 years.

The optician prescribed me glassed but i only tried them for alittle 30mins and they caused eyestrain and gave me headache so i'm not using them, and i'm doing the bates method! i think i've got a good chance of recovering my vision because i've not worn glasses!

Funny how my vision has been ok for 25 years but after a period of extreme stress my health and eyesight has gone downhill.

Bates is right, and i sure do hope it works for me....
Dear Dragon -- and vision-clearing friends,

It would help a great deal if you reported in a "standard" way.

Thus when you report 40/20 -- it is never clear about what your
read on your Snellen.

For the fun of it, why not click here,

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

and then on "Display".

Step back 20 feet. Tell us what you read (1/2 the letters correctly).

That way we can cheer your success. Smile

otis Wrote:For the fun of it, why not click here,

Thanks, Otis. That seems like a convenient Snellen to practice with.
Laserpower, retaining at that vision for 25 years is amazing. Most people would be very myopic by that time. That could mean you might not been further acquiring the bad vision habits but perhaps your glasses has been retarding the recovery.

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