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If most floaters exist in the vitreous, why do we not see them in the central field when the eyes try to look directly at one?
What causes them to move away when the eyes look directly at them?
Even if they are floating in the eye and move due to the eyes movement, it still does not make sense for them to always move away from the eyes central field when the eye trys to look at them.
Anything to do with rods? or: no tiny blood vessels over fovea?? I think this is right; no blood vessels travel over the fovea?
I will have to check this out in optometry book, Thomas Quackenbushes book.
If no blood vessels over fovea, (center retina, central vision) then, maybe, floaters are mainly something seen by cones, rods floating in the the tiny capilliaries...over peripheral areas retina?
Interesting questions. I've been taught & have read that floaters are thickened material in the vitreous humor, as you said, either from toxins in the diet making "gunk" in the body, leftover tissue from fetal development, or our old familiar companion Strain. I think they slide away when you try to focus on them because they're NOT in your area of central vision, like something right over your pupil on the cornea would be, for example, & being in a semi-fluid base they're also not fixed in place. I used to have one huge floater in my right eye that looked like an amoeba meandering all over the place -- once when my behavioral optometrist was examining my eyes it floated across my vision & he backed up, startled, & said "Whoa!". In the last 2 or 3 years it has disappeared, I think broken up into some tiny wavy lines which almost look like partial fingerprints. These also seem to be slowly going away & often I'm not aware of them at all. After wearing strong glasses & contacts for about 40 years I know my eyes still have a lot of recovering to do, but evidence like the melting of this monster floater is very encouraging.
Another thought: when you try to look at something, your eye moves to focus on it. So if what you're trying to focus on is part of the inside of your eyes, when you move your gaze to that spot, the floater moves too! I think it might really be that simple.
Yeah! That sounds right. The floater moves with the eye.
Floaters do move past the center of the eyes central field sometimes when staring, eyes looking out into space and when the eyes move. The floaters only move away when I try to look at the floater, not the objects in the visual field.
When I use central fixation with shifting when looking at a object and when dont think about/look for them the floaters disappear.
How did you get your floater to lessen?
Basic Bates...method?
I wish someone could find a quick, permante cure for them.
I think itsme used some kind of cheyenne eyewash, said it worked. I am too chicken to do it. Her post is on here somewhere.
I Had a head injury in past and left me with couple large floaters but they disappear when good diet and Bates method.
I can't put my finger on 1 single thing I'm doing that has lessened my floaters & pulverized the big one. I do Bates work all day long, the chart at least twice, palming, sunning as much as I can (it's often overcast or raining/snowing here). I imagine the floaters breaking up & melting away, softening like ice in the Spring, or butter in the frying pan. I also eat a very healthy diet: no dairy, no white bread or rice or pasta, only wild salmon or organic chicken or eggs or vegetable products (like soy or nuts) for protein. I drink only green tea or water or soy milk, with red wine once a month or less. I take no pharmaceutical drugs at all which I think are really toxic to the body. You might check out Chinese medicine or acupuncture -- I think the liver meridian stuff has to do with toxin removal so that's probably involved, maybe some stuck energy this kind of practitioner could help get moving. If you follow your dreams or have any kind of meditation practice I'd ask for guidance here about what you need to do to lessen your floaters more: the body knows what it needs; we just need to be able to decode the messages.
Darn, I better listen to you.
I give in to terrible diet, often; diet soda, chocolate muffins, all the things I have been trained not to do!
Must learn not to take good eyesight for granted.
Bates method works so perfect, I forget to eat right, exercise!

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