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Holistic dentistry
Has anyone heard of this?
Particularly I would be interested in orthodontics, I have dislocated thooth, second up left and is now pointing out from my mouth. It is so embarasing for me, everyday is going worse and worse.
While doing this vision traing I have come to the idea that all this relaxation of the face muscels can enable also dislocated theeth to go back into normal position.
How did I come to this idea? well, while palming I noticed my theeth also somehow becoming free of pressure. I noticed the thooth is coming out more when I didn't have enough sleep! Then I probably straing muscles on the face to keep myself awaken.

I ran on this web site:

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Does anyone know more about this.

Currenlty I am doing face massage myself, but am not sure if that will bring any change - not in this life - it goes too slow.



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