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Has anyone used these methods?
Leo Angart's method: What is it exactly? Is it similar to Bates?

I am interested to see if anyone has used it and whether anyone has found it similar to the Bates Method.

Has anyone used Deepak Chopras eye exercise? I found this description on Yahoo.

Quote:Yes Deepak Chopra suggested a method of eye exercise in one of his books. I tried it and it worked for me, my eyes are getting better.

Take a ball point pen and bring the ball as close to your face as you can and still see it without the image being doubled. Now place something with words on it as far away from you as you can and still see it.

Now look at the ball of the pen and let your eyes adjust, then quickly look at the words in the distance and let your eyes adjust, then quickly look back at the ball, etc. Do this for one minute a day and it will fix your issue.
- This is almost like the Central Fixation stick exercise that is on Clark Night's site......

Good luck to all,


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