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Swine Flu
Been sick 5 days with flu. Swear this is swine flu. Landlord had a flyer about this flu, warning its in our building.
So dizzy!! weak, sick! Had a fever: some delirum, nighmares on verge of sleep, but cant sleep, buzzing sound, feeling in my head, raw nerves feeling, cant sleep for 3 nights. Finally improved enough to walk around without holding onto the walls.
Refused to go to hospital. Lots flu bugs in Worcester, Mass. 4 years ago was sick and went to Emergency and Head doctor gave me medicine that resulted in seizures. I swear he prances around those hospital beds all day selling/testing out new drugs on the helpless patients.
I read in the 'American Free Press' that Drug Companies have been creating their own 'flu bugs' so they can sell flu shots, vaccines, Tamiflu to cities, towns. Tamiflu went up to $100.00 per one dose when the swine flu hit the news?
The vaccines, shots, other drugs to treat the flu are loaded with mercury, poisons that cause more health problems to develope later in life. The drug companies then sell drugs to block some of the symptoms of the new health problems but never cure it, so the person is dependent on the drugs for life.

Times like this get me thinking about finding someone to put in my will: give him/her my website, book publishing business. Someone who wont be greedy and up the prices of the books. Someone who will continue to donate to the blind schools... listed on the website and keep the free information on the site. Someone who cares more about bringing the Bates Method to all persons, not just those who have money.
Hang in there. I don't even have medical insurance, pay for the chiropractor out of my own pocket. The few people who know this put all kinds of pressure on me with dire predictions of what could happen. I take a lot of vitamins, eat very healthy, get lot of exercise & good quality sleep. Strengthening your own immune system (a healthy attitude is a big part of this too) is the best prevention & also the best aid to quick healing if you do get something. Getting sick is not a drug deficiency!

Most doctors only know how to operate on you & prescribe drugs, many of which are woefully untested, over-priced, & have unknown side effects which are worse than what they're supposed to "cure" (just alleviate the symptoms in most cases). Look at their own lifestyles -- are they overweight & over-stressed themselves, with bad skin & glasses & terrible posture? The only remedy for this situation is more information & people actually willing to research things instead of grabbing at a promised quick fix without understanding the consequences. I'll get off my soap box now. Thanks for listening.
Thanks Nancy, I really needed to hear that.
Everyone (except my old fashioned aunt) has been trying to convince me to go to emergency.
I refuse!! Feeling better as day goes by.
clarknight Wrote:Thanks Nancy, I really needed to hear that.
Everyone (except my old fashioned aunt) has been trying to convince me to go to emergency.
I refuse!! Feeling better as day goes by.

I think its just your average head flu.

I haven't heard about the H1N1 up here anymore, they said there was 1 case in my area, but that was the last I heard of it......

You'll be fine Clark!

Good luck to all,
I guess too many people get a medical insurance because of the swine flu, but i guess where is really swine flu begin? how this could be happening? is swine flu really created by some people?

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Got over it ok.
Now am immune to that type of flu.
Massachusetts seems to have many flu bugs, colds, germs in the water, bad air in city.
In San Francisco, CA got only a two day cold once in about every 3 years and never missed work.

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