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I haven't used my glasses since Feb. 2006. I decided to join my myopic son because glasses didn't help him. So I thought I would see blur too. Then I went online and researched natural vision methods. Quakenbush's book was ordered and most of it read, but it's a big read and I am always discovering new things. The WW2 pilots training was interesting and I incorporate the movement and centralizng technics. I catch my head gently bobbing like apples in a bucket of water and am surprised that I automatically feel great and relaxed. The sensation of my head moving, sketching and centralizing on the object is very pleasant. It is even more pleasant when I don't notice that I am doing it. Centralizing is starting to become subconconcious. I have to be honest that sometimes in the day I tell my self , Oh darn! , my eyes aren't working. But then  I thought " who cares" If I see blur I see blur. No worry! be happy, sing a song and don't be discouraged. So I am letting go. I am also student of Zen for a long time, and have seen many buddhists wearing glasses, like the Dhalai Lama. His lens are very thick.  So doing zazen was on hold but now things are piecing back together again.

I of course am not willing to remove the glasses from my car till I pass the German eye test. There are police controls where they stop everyone and ask for I.D. , and the fine is high, so I figure I can slip them on and not try to pull a Jet Eyed Mind Trick, though it might be fun to see if they even notice. As of now, I zip all over the place without glasses and usually I see things very clearly, probably 20/20 then sometimes faces on the sidewalk turn a slight blur, but I accept this and don't try to see the faces because this would be straining. There is a fine Jet Eye, Zen, whatever line to pass to have gain the sight back, but the possiblities are already programmed in your mind. After giving Bate's methods a try and I mean a try, I am confindant that you can move mountains.
I just realized I misspelled Jedi as Jet eye. I was thinking about pilot vision and yoda at the same time. Ops! Sorry, George.

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