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Amazing accommodation exercise
I've been doing this accommodation exercise lately, and it seems to have amazing results. Maybe this is a Bates exercise? I'd really like to know the background of this exercise, if there is one.

I do this exercise first thing in the morning, when I wake up. I don't even turn the lights on, although there is some light that comes through the windows.

I lie down on my pillow (large pillows seem to work better), lying on my back. I then turn my head to either my left side or my right side, doing a slight stretch, and I focus on a point in the distance, such as my curtains. (It's important not to overdo neck stretches, to avoid injury.)

For some reason the left side seems to work better. (I have a condition known as hyperacusis [a collapsed tolerance to sound] and can sometimes hear my eye muscles accommodating). Maybe it has something to do with my amblyopia? Maybe it's because there's a window on the left side of my room and the small difference in light helps accommodation?

Please note that although large pillows seem to work better it's not a good idea to sleep on a large pillow. Pillows that are too large can over stretch the neck over time.

Chris McPeck
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