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Macula Degeneration cured
Did anyone see the evening news channel 7 USA EST.
Old guy blind for years from macula degeneration suddenly feels sick, goes to hospital, then in emergency room realizes his vision has returned.
Starts realizing he can see everything!!
Leaves hospital on his own before doctors could check him out.
Was interviewed on TV. So cute; saying "I could see this, that...
thatz great clarknight..itz amazing that someone has cured naturally without even making efforts..But could you please explain me what is macula Degeneration...?
Tell me one more thing buddy.
How to chat with online users ..
Macula degeneration; blood vessels rupture in macula, center of retina destroying central vision.
This and detached retina may be caused by malnutrition, impaired blood... flow in eyes, increased tension/lengthening of the eyes due to wearing stronger and stronger eyeglass lenses.
Chat on-line; I have never learned that. New to computers.

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