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Vitamin D reversing Myopia
Hi. Just was browsing Mercola's latest newsletter today on the Swine Flu, and found someone's comments regarding
the use of Vitamin D in reversing myopia. I thought this was interesting... never heard that before..
In any case, it states below that 50,000 IU is the dosage... That is extremely high !!. I take 6,000 iu myself, which was tested by a homeopath. He said that is how much I needed personally.. He also stated to me that there is no researched evidence on toxicity from Vitamin D..

'Improve the immunity of your children with vitamin D3 now and do not rely only on the sun. Do not wait for the virus to mutate to a more aggressive form. Vitamin D is a highly potent metal chelator which means less oxidative stress and consequently a better immune system. At 50,000 IU per day in adults it has partially reversed myopia (because vitamin D chelates free iron that occurs as the result of oxidative stress).'

Regards Its Smile me
Does he completely explain this part? It's Greek to me. There are always short theoretical explanations like this for nutritional things, but it's a cop out unless it's accompanied by a complete explanation or research to back it up, because there's no way for us to see this happening.

"because vitamin D chelates free iron that occurs as the result of oxidative stress"

Site Administrator

"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
Hi David. No, the person (not Mercola) who wrote that quote did not go on to say more, unfortunately.
I myself question everything.. As far as research there may be some out there, I don't know, but there probably is published research done on the effectiveness of vaccines.. and in my mind, I know that it is a lie..
So, having said that, who can I believe when so many just care about the jingle in their pockets ? I guess the best I can do is just do as much research of past & present as I can on my own, and then come up with my own conclusion.. Will that conclusion be right? Who knows, maybe not.. :-\ I guess , too, in regards to Vitamin D, it doesn't hurt to take it .. It is relatively inexpensive. 50,000 iu though is really high.. I'm not sure if I'd venture that high! :o

I'm including this link anyway on some Vitamin D Test Journals. You might find something in there.
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Regards, It's Smile me
I love Dr. Mercola. He's the doctor of alternative medicine =o
Could you tell me more … I would love to explore.

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