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Hello and questions
clarknight Wrote:Are you aware that most tests in optometists office block normal eye function and result in temporary increased blur?
+ pressure to hurry and read chart, see it clear.
+ limited eye, head/face, neck, body movement when looking at chart, into machine...
+ there are others but I am too tied to list them.
Otis is right: use your own test on your home eyechart.
Practice on distant signs... keep glasses in your pocket in case you need them for safety if you have a day when vison is not perfect when driving.
When you get to 20/20 and clearer with bates method, natural fluxuations to a little lower than 20/20 will still be legal, safe.

Whilst I can neither agree ot disagree with the point you are making I understand it. However, for my purpose what I am trying to achieve is a certain vision or better as assessed by an optometrist.

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