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Another source
Since becoming myopic, and wearing my new glasses almost constantly, most of the Bates methods do not seem to help.
    I have found a book titled Dr. Friedman's Vision Training Program. (ISBN 0-553-22599-5 ) Mine is a 1883 edition.
    The thing that I like is that there are exercises to do while wearing your glasses.
    I'm not sure of any results for me, as I am still reading it. There are some very interesting self tests, and evaluations.
    It is a paper back , and the print is rather small. I have read in many places, that it is not good to read with minus lenses, but this is the first book that I have attempted to read since getting my minus glasses. When I try to read without them, after just a few minutes the print gets blurry, and I have to wear the glasses to continue. I notice that the print is smaller, and that I need to push the book forward a bit, but my vision is sharp, and my eyes are relaxed wearing the glasses. Funny thing is that I can work on the computer without my glasses, but for extensive reading I really need them.My optometrist said that I would only need them for distance, but perhaps because I wear them constantly I am getting too used to them.

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