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Success with Bates method -- from -8 diopters
Thanks for the link, Otis. Smile It's encouraging to read about someone's progress, especially when it's hard to find success stories for people with moderate to severe myopia.

I'm new here, and I prefer to lurk a bit and read before posting to a new board. Since I don't have a success story to begin with, it is best I give a bit of a backstory before starting a whole thread about it.

- - - - - - - -
I've worn glasses since I was 6 for myopia. I mostly spent time indoors due to being an introvert and all. I dutifully wore my glasses for everything. Probably the only good thing was that my optometrist at the time was consciously under-prescribing my glasses. At some point, it was so bad that I was gaining a diopter per year in my early teens. My left eye developed severe astigmatism as well. It finally slowed down as I reached my early 20's. Despite what all my eye doctors (optometrists) said, my prescription has not stabilized when I reached around 18 or 19. It still continues to fluctuate. That aroused a suspicion for me to research alternate ways of improving my vision because what all the doctors told me didn't make logical sense in a consistent or predictive manner.

I'm now 24 and have finished my bachelor's degree a couple of years ago. I've been aware of the Bates method along with other alternate methods of vision improvement for the past 4 years or so. I've tried not wearing glasses as much as possible. I only wear them when I need to drive, watch TV, or read small letters far away (like a menu on the wall). During my last year of college, I tried to not wear my glasses except for reading notes on the board. I did experience some improvement especially when walking outside in the sunshine. Even if there wasn't that great an improvement overall, I felt much more confident walking outside, exercising, and doing house tasks like cooking without any refractive correction.

My prescription from another optometrist 3 years ago was -6.00 x -2.00 x 05 / -4.25 x 2.50 x 1.75. I convinced her to give me a weaker prescription for "computer glasses." She added a diopter to the lens making it -5.00 x -2.00 x 05 / -3.25 x -2.50 x 1.75. She also kept pushing me to do LASIK, saying I was a "perfect candidate." I politely pointed out to her that my astigmatism and moderately high myopia added complications in undergoing surgery. I was familiar with as well as my dad's results from his LASEK procedure, but I kept quiet about it and didn't mention it to her. My dad sees well in the daytime, but he has a lot of light sensitivity and some night vision problems. He underwent the surgery at 50, and continues to do well with it overall (so he says). He's 62 now.

Recently I went to an ophthalmologist for an eye exam. He found that my right cornea is too thin for "safe" LASIK surgery. Not that I wanted to do the surgery, but it was good to know that someone actually bothered to test for these sorts of things before pushing refractive surgery on me. He said I might be able to undergo LASEK/PRK; however, I haven't stabilized in my prescription at all so he said it would be better to wait. i mentioned to him that I felt the current glasses (the -5.00 / -3.25 pair) felt a bit too much at times, even when driving the car. I was interested in finding any differences in my current prescription. He found after measuring my vision several times with the optometry machine (including with dilation) that my current prescription is -7.25 x 1.75 x 0.95 / -6.00 x 1.75 x 0.70

No signs of glaucoma. He warned me about the signs of retinal detachment due to the myopia increase. I have floaters, but they tend to be mostly translucent and not that many. I tried poking him for a reduced prescription. Unfortunately, he said he doesn't believe in such things. He says people my age can accommodate full strength at near and medium distances.

Well, there's always the internet for getting a pair of glasses. ;D

Reading case studies like the blog above gives me hope, and motivation to try establishing better habits. I've got a PDF copy of Bates' book from There is no excuse for not going ahead and trying the exercises. I wouldn't bother discussing Bates or any alternate methods with any conventional eye doctor. My family is also skeptical/negative about my improvement as well, but they've been trying to push refractive surgery (LASIK) on me for some time (thanks to my dad's "success").

That was a bit long, but it's a relief to share my story with an understanding group of people. Smile

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