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Success with Bates method -- from -8 diopters
otis Wrote:There are too many ODs who think that the minus is perfect, and perfectly wonderful. I don't.

I think it should have a warning on it -- and we should help prevention-minded ODs by paying them to help us.

That has not happened yet -- so I fight for the day when it will.
I agree wholeheartedly, Otis. Thanks for your kind reply.

What angers me the most about my situation is how no one ever mentioned that those minus lens were not for near work. I am happy to know better now to slow down and hopefully reverse my current condition. Nonetheless, I've read on various internet forums how parents try to find cures for their children's deteriorating eyesight from myopia. Some of these kids have stronger prescriptions at the age of 6 than I do now. It is a tragedy that so few professionals who know the dangers of minus lens are ethical enough to educate others about the situation.

It's so good that people like you, David, and others are using the internet's open publishing format to get the information across to those who need to know.

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