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Success with Bates method -- from -8 diopters
Judyb Wrote:Just so you know, the two prescriptions are written in different forms, the first one in minus cyl, the second in plus cyl.
Thanks for pointing it out, Judy. And here I thought one of them made a typo when writing the refraction (silly me). :Smile

But that's great news! Whatever things I've done (not wear my glasses except for driving and wore a less powerful pair) haven't increased the progression of my myopia to a considerable degree. I never used the glasses with the full -6.00 / -4.25 prescription, but opted for the less powerful -5.00 x -2.00 x 05 / -3.25 x -2.50 x 1.75 for driving and far work instead.

A sceptic would say I simply "grew" into that refractive state by now given my age, and I've fallen over attributing it to the wrong causes. But the numbers are there either way: not as bad I misunderstood.

Thanks again. Smile

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