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Thoughts and eye focus
I was just looking at the radiator in my room and I changed my thoughts from something serious to something pleasant(something I was looking forward to doing that day), and I noticed my eye focussing changed. It's like the eyes focussed more openly and wider with the positive thoughts. I probably was releasing some tension for that short while. Makes me think that thoughts play a big role and even liestyle might influence the thoughts you have as well.

Sound familiar, anyone else notice this?
I thought it's good if I mention here, I am just reading about something similar in Jacob Liberman's book Take off your glasses and see".

Namely, he says when you focus too m uch on detail and think hard our vision gets worse and the actual thing you are lookign at blurrs. and in opposite seeing when you are more aware of everything around you with no attention to any detail then it is making your vision more clear. He calls this open focus. YOu can notice how your vision is efortless in this mode, and there is less strain. It would be as you are looking in blank wall, I think Dr Bates has this as an exercise for relaxation. It removes tension from eye muscles. Then this approach is leading to
So maybe the pleasurable thoughts you had are making you become more aware of everything around you, more open, while the negative thoughts are making us being under stress, having more tense body, less breathing, less blionking which deteriorates the vision. Your whole energy is shringlink and I wouldn't dought it will affect vision.

This is similar what we discovered before that we overfocus on negative thing.
So, the recommendation is, whenver you notice doing this, start deep breathing, blinking, become more aware of your environment, there are other thinkgs inthis world. I have tried this practice and evry time I do this I notice like there was light turned on , so it is obvious I am opening my eyes more to receive more light but also brain to process mor elight. I think it is interconnected.
I've been aware for many years now that when I'm trying study while desperately stressed, my eyes will swing out of focus. It's quite rare and I have to be particularly overloaded, but when it does happen it's rather dramatic.
i get blurry and stressed sometimes on this sight reading about how much work and dedication seems involved in relearning to see... all the palming, swinging, shifting, ect. it gets me all tense and overwhelmed. And when I read posts like this, about how simple thoughts and relaxation can bring instant clarity...It sounds so good to me that i notice my computer screen get a little clearer!

My favorite quote from Bates:

"The cause of any error of refraction, of a squint, or of any other functional disturbance of the eye, is simply a thought - a wrong thought - and the cure is as quick as the thought that relaxes..."
You can do all the exercises you want, but when you get a clear flash out of the blue, it's humbling, or it should be. It shows you that with the exercises you were missing the point; maybe not missing it entirely, because the exercises might have done something to help precipitate the clear flash, but it does mean you should stop and reconsider what you thought you knew you were supposed to do, because if something is working, it should primarily work immediately or within a few minutes as you continue it, not hours later.

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