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Help on Palming and the Iris

I hope someone could help me... I've decided to see without glasses and that was a month ago.. I've been doing the exercises and I think im having some improvement. Im a little skeptical by nature though, and so I keep trying to find reasonable explanations to what is happening, instead of just believing the method works.

My last glasses prescription was -4. OD with -2.5 astigmatism and -5 OD.
So, I still find very hard to (visually) see any improvements after palming. But when wearing glasses or lens I become farsightedness. This farsightdness is, for me, controllable. If I relax, then im hyperopic, but I can conciouslly make an effort to see perfecly with glasses.
I came to the conclusion, then, that my prescription is above my real impairment. So my eyes must have improved, even though I cant visually perceive it.

Then I had the idea to test palming at night, looking at a source of light. Since Im myopic, lights at a distance seen like an orb, and after a long distance, all orbs have the same size. So if my sight improves, the orbs shrink down.

Great! then after palming a bit I noticed the orbs shrinking. So I finally got some evidence that this palming thing works. But then something hit me. Couldnt this just be a pin hole effect of the iris? I know that after palming the iris is supposed to be larger...
But I cant differentiate the Iris acting like a pinhole, and the sight actually improving.

I notice that my sight improves after sunning but I came to the conclusion that it is due to the pin hole effect of the iris only.

So is it normal not to see any improvements? Bates said you, most of the time, can instantly see some improvement after palming.
How can I say that palming isnt just to enlarge the iris, and then when I open my eyes, it suddenly shrinks down, and this causes a pin hole effect for a time, leading me to think my vision was improved?
I forgot to mention but, I tried this orbs test at daylight using a candle, and I noticed that after reading something close, the orb of the candle at distance shrunk down.
Has anyone had thi experience?
Personally I've seen my 2 first clear flashes 2 weeks after I started doing the bates method. My sight was at 10/40 and it's now between 10/10 and 10/15 outdoor and between 10/10 and 10/20 indoor and I don't have big headaches anymore. I started in may 2008. Now I have moments of clarity that last much more than a clear flash.
If you want to see faster improvements, you have to keep the motivation to the max and do it like a game. Try every possible combination of techniques at a lot of moments of the day. As an example, I have big improvements if I palm right after I wake up, but later during the day, palming for more than 2 minutes do nothing for me. I need to palm frequently for about 30 seconds to get results. You should also read your chart twice daily and pratice the long swing. It prevent staring and it also relax your spine, it helps to promote better vision. Also, blink/shift easily all day long and if possible, don't use your glasses. It really reduce your improvements. You will soon see how much more comfortable and relaxed you will be and you will see that you don't need glasses anymore to do your daily activities.

Have a nice day of improvements!
fabionitto, your guess about the "pinhole" effect of your iris and the size of the "orbs" is correct, but the entire idea is wrong, that when your eyesight improves, the "orbs" of lights should shrink. It used to puzzle me too in the beginning. The truth is that when your vision improves, you first begin to see the clear outline of the light source inside the "orb", sometimes multiple image of that outline, and then, as your progress improves, the orb just fades out. It does not gradually shrink as you might expect. In general, the darkness of night is one of the worst unfavorable conditions, and most of myopes strain a lot (though may not be aware of it) even when they come from outdoors to a room with daylight, not to mention artificial light or night illumination. So just don't worry about night vision, it will probably fix in the last turn. Look for favorable conditions first.
Ok, thanks for your answer Oleg!
What about becoming a little hyperopic when wearing glassses that used to be perfect?
Is that an evidence my vision maybe be improving? or worsening? or maybe my eyes are just tired?
fabionitto, if you keep wearing glasses, you cannot really improve. So your question is ill-posed.


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