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chiropractic is dangerous
I had to post this here.
This really happened to me, TODAY!!.
I know that chiropractors can heal but they can also injure!!
I am trying to finish the 500 pictures for Better Eyesight Magazines.
Chiropractors causing vertigo... my room is spinning, ringing in ears never fixed as the new chiropractors promised.
My doctor at emergency room advised against going back to this chiropractor!
If this is experience for teaching that neck muscle tension, vertebrae misalignment can cause unclear vision, double vision, then I ask God to stop the lesson, I have learnt it, and hope my neck, balance returns natually without going back for endless dishonest, chiropractor treatments that were not needed in the first place.
What happened to you is very sad. Sad
I think that the safest thing you can do to relax you spine and neck is to do more or less 25 long swings when you wake up and in the evening, or as often as you wish.
It improve your sight and it also mechanically loosen your spine...
Thanks. There is alot of tension on the right side neck, back.
Try lying on your back on the floor with your knees bent up & your head on a flat book, the AT semi-supine posture to let the spine relax & go back to a normal position. It shouldn't hurt you any further & might help, though if something is severely out of alignment it might not correct that. Good luck & my sympathy.

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