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Question on Astigmatism

Since a few weeks I am working on my astigmatism using the Bates relaxation tecniques and the Tibetan Wheel exercise. My optometrist says II have -20 diopters for myopia and -3 for astigmatism but I am wearing glasses of -18 diopters with -3 for astigmatism. Yesterday after my set of exercises I checked my vision on the Snellen chart making use of a lens set (with such high myopia it is imposible to look at the Snellen chart without lenses). It was a big surprise for me that with my right eye I saw the same as with my glasses but using a -20 diopter lens without astigmatism correction. My vision was not blurred neither with distortion because of the astigmatism that I should have. Now I have a maths question: If they tell you that you have -20D myopia and -3D astigmatism, you have to count this as -23D with astigmatism. Want I want to say: Is it posible that my astigmatism improved but that the number of diopters is still the same?

it is definitely possible that your -3 diopters of astigmatism went away, and that the -20D spherical remained, leaving your correction at -20D spherical. That would be a very significant improvement! way to go!

I disagree that you can't look at the Snellen chart without lenses. You just have to get closer! Dr. Bates had high myopes starting their practice of central fixation with the chart at distances of less than 5 feet. Even if you have to look from 1 foot or less it would be beneficial practice to demonstrate that what you see is seen best by central fixation, and to increase the distnace slightly for practice (1 inch) every week. His magazines have a lot of information about how to practice with the chart, just do it for the distance that suits you. (get them all free from Remeber, the practice is not a test, some days will be better or worse. I find on the worse days if I practice at a closer distance/ bigger letters that I end up improving my vision to better than it ever was.

whenever you do something that helps your eyes, write about it on your blog or journal so that you can always go back to it to remind yourself what helps you. Constant progress is due to constant repetition of things that help you! Believe in your ability to constantly improve!

Astigmatism is myopia in a single angle. This is why the Tibetan Wheel is so effective at eliminating it as it exercises your gaze in all angles. (My unproved guess is that we usually avoid looking in those angles because the strain is worse there.) I don't know where you heard that it should be added to the base diopter measurement because that's only true in that single angle, not for your whole eye, & makes you think your vision is worse than it is.

My first pair of reduced glasses had my -1.75 astigmatism correction removed. I'd see if you can get yours lowered.
Hi, YoungBlueEyes . Yo have doen very good decision by starting Natural Vision improvemnt exercises. I will add some observations on astigmatism, as it is my main problem. Yes, it is true that -3 cyl in specific angel is adding on myopia, but only in that angle. The levels of astigamtism are these:
1. Mild 0-1
2. Medium 1-2
3. Strong > 2
so, in your case is strong astigmatism.
My vision teacher says it is the easiest thing to fix, so maybe your first milestone to remove astigmatism already happened, I believe so.

Then, as dr. Bates also recommended, do not use astigmatizm correction at all. You still acn see well with your sphere. I had some interesitng experience with my doctor, just a few months before I entered the NV training. Inititally, she measured > -2 for cyl, and then after I discussed the wait period and the price, she then said, OK I can give you < -2 cyl, you still can see well and is cheaper. So, I started thinking there must be something wrong with this. I think they can manipulate with power while still not affecting much of vision clarity.

The other thing I noticed is the automatic refractor machine is overmeasuring. I was mesured -3 cyl once, but couldn't stand those glasses on my eyes, it was too painful, especially I felt it as I was already in vision training. I asked for spheric only glass and then was no pain.

So, I would recommend no cyl correction for astigmatism.

When doing exercicses the best is without glasses. Don't forget to BREATHE AND BLINK. Come closer to see soemthing on the chart. Or have a one sheet with letters in your hand so you can see clear letters and that will help you in imagination.

Try doing some walks in the park or somewhere safe without glasses (you can have them in your pocket if you feel better) just do some deep relaxing breathing, blink softly and look softly around you, without looking into any specific detail.

Emotionaly aspect of astigamtism, as I understand it, is distorting a reality in some areas of your life. Can you find something like that in yourself? I am workign on this ...

For the reduced glasses I think dr Bates recommends to go half, when is so high and no astigmatism correction.

Tibetan chart is helpfull with DEEP RELAXING BREATHING AND BLINKING. do nto forget to do this, and palm after.

good luck

Sorry the question,but how a person reach the -20 in myopia? You without glasses can't see nothing,i guess....
I believe it can goes about -24. That means that the light focus exactly behind the lens.

You sure can reach even 24. It sounds weird to people who are not very familiar with the subject, but its possible.
I was unable to see anything when i had -12 and -13...
If you want to see how someone with that degrees sees, just put some colorless nylon in front of your eyes.

And asking questioning like that can be offending to others. Not that will have to be offended, but specially new people can be offended.
Not to mention that you question seems a bit "teasing"...

Oh crap! I believed i was the person with the biggest myopia here! :-[


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