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Shifting near to far?
I've heard this method described several times, but not by Bates: switching focus back and forth between a distant object and a pencil held at the near point. Any opinions on this?

. . . And yes, I'm under 21, which I realize has been an issue here recently, but my acuity is good enough to function in daily life and I promise myself I will never drive without glasses until my vision has improved.
maturity matters more than age...

Dr. Bates does recommend near to far shifting, he just never wrote about a pencil. In general he used two cards: one very close (1 foot from face) and one further away (a comfortable distance where at least half of the letters can be recognized). It's possible to practice with any object. With the pencil, I imagine the goal is to look at different parts of the pencil and notice how the distance moves in the periphery. When you look at the distance, notice how the pencil moves in your periphery. This teaches you to see best where you are looking, and to 'let' the periphery be there, and to 'let' the periphery be less clear than what you are looking at (near or far). Practicing consciously with near and far objects in everyday life can also help you to learn the universal swing. I use near and far objects to improve my sight all day!

Thanks! I'll try that.
The progress report in your signature is very inspiring Smile

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