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Dr. Suzane's top secret weight loss

Has any one tried Dr. Suzanne's secret to losing fat? Her website is below:

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Now that I becoming skeptical of the drug, medical, and especially the optical industry, could Dr. Suzane be the angel who says nothing but the truth?
There is no secret short-cut. Eat healthy food, drink clean water, get enough exercise & sleep. Minimize your intake of caffeine & alcohol, white sugar & white flour. Take medicinal mushrooms & vitamins like C to boost your immune system, citrus pectin to detox from heavy metals. Most standard Western medicine gives expensive unnecessary tests to find some condition they can then sell you a drug for which only manipulates the symptoms & doesn't really cure anything. If you pay close attention to your body, your mood, your energy level, etc. you'll know if you're healthy or not without needing a doctor to tell you so.
No, there is a secret for rapid weight loss.

I tell you guys, one can lost 100 lbs in 5 months with this program.
Totally naturally, and with good benefits for your body.
This is a secret program that i have acquired from a close encounter of third kind with a group of extraterrestrials in the mount Olympus...

Your only in the price of 0.99 Cents !!! [For 1300 easy payments with your credit card]

Sorry Dr. Suzanne, you are a very good looking woman, but i need more proof than a site of the ones that selling hopes.

As for the parasites, i have doctor in the family, who opened about 70 bodies each when studying at the university, and i will check if there is truth in her claims of stomach parasites or not. 8)
I mean, what can survive inside stomach anyway?

The main reason i am not putting her claims in consideration, its because i recognize many parasites from the pictures as intestine parasites. Like the Cestoda [ <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ].

Anyway, if i have them inside me, those little fellas would need food each day. And they take their cut for what i eat. Less calories left for me.
Also, every time i vomited, nothing came out except the food and drinks i heaved consume, plus, gastric fluids.
And furthermore, before 80 years, people where eating, willing, Cestoda Eggs, to become thinner and lose weight.

I will tell you Dr. Suzanne a big truth. We have many things telling as how to loose weight and all the other stuffs like gyms. But only few people are fiddling the right way to do it, and that because someone are hiding the truth to make money.
And from those few, only fewer are willing to change their whole consumeristing way of life to gain and maintain a nice body.

Who many times you see a fat people from poor countries in Africa or Asia?
Yes, there the fat are one who have money to buy food, other are dying from starvation and they are only skin and bones. No one is fat.

Is this method truth?
Then i need a better "proof".

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