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what should i do regarding my new prescribtion glasses.?
Hi forum,
I am learning this method since my first post here.
During my studies, i had a lot of time to practice Bates, But i know i am in a job.
I know i had a great improvement before my last exams. But now when i checked it. It was 4.00 myopic with o astigmatism ( I think the optometrist has not checked astigmatism properly). Now i asked him to make glasses of -3.25.
These are well enough to work for me in my office.( I don't wear them at my room or while reading books).
The problem is that i was going a long time without glasses. But now in my office i have to use computer and i can't slouch myself for using it(It looks odd and also computer screen harms my eyes causing dryness, pain).
So i have to wear glasses. It seems that i am becoming more habitual of them.
I am afraid if i got into its web again and can't improve further...
Please respond me how to use these glasses so that i can do my work and can have a fast improvement...


Ajmer Handa
Take your glasses off as much as possible, even if just for a minute. If you're not looking at the computer, put them on top of your head. See what you can see without them & only use them when absolutely needed.
Yeah- it's a nightmare to take them off. They, the glasses, propagate to you that you can see clearly with them. But you and your conscious knows its wrong... yet it's still hard to take off the glasses even if it means better vision. I only wear glasses in class, but doing so sometimes results in walking home with them still on. It's wrong...
ok i'll try my best
handa_yar Wrote:ok i'll try my best

You could also try pinhole glasses, but you may look a bit odd in class.

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