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If squinting produces bad eyesight
dr bates said squinting produces bad eyesight

well, this proves just how much an effect our control of our muscles has on eyesight

also, what is the opposite of squinting ? or isnt there one ?

If squinting produces bad eyesight, Im convinced the bates method works, because that would mean we do have control over our eyesight, because we have control of our muscles also.

if we can conciously create bad eyesight, we can also create good eyesight,
Makes sense.

Squinting also causes headaches... :-\
of course, this is only true, if squinting does cause bad eyesight

if it doesnt my theory isnt correct
Squinting gives temporary clearer eyesight while you are squinting.
Squinting tenses the muscles on the face, around the eyes, neck and intereferes with shiftng/eye movement and eventually tenses the eye muscles around the eyeball and inside the eye resulting in lowered vision.
Most people squint once in a while in a emergency to see (usually) a unfamiliar object or when vision is temporarily lowered due to stress, fatique, diet...
Try shifting, central fixation, blink to replace squinting.

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