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Heavy myopia
Hi all

Just joined and I'm interested in how many other people with a high degree of myopia are practicing vision therapies; and if so have your experiences been successful?

Also, how do you start a blog? I've been lurking these forums and it seems some use a blog to keep track of their progress

Hi & welcome -- I used to be in the "heavy myopia" category (what a weight on my shoulders!) & have moved to more "normal myopia". I do Bates work many times a day, sometimes just consciously shifting on bare branches outside the window. To start a blog, just go to & you'll be led -- it's pretty intuitive & easy to follow.
Thanks for your response Nancy.

I had a few check ups recently and according to my optometrist I'm -6D in both eyes. Strange thing is I can't clear the 20/20 line on the chart no matter what lenses he tries on me. I can just pass the 20/40 one though. From my own testing on my home Snellen chart I'm 20/400 unaided.

The whole Bates concept is not new to me. When I was 14 or 15 I bought a copy of 'Better Eyesight Without Glasses' and implemented some of what was mentioned for a few weeks. However being impatient and not dedicated is also part of the teen ethos and I stopped some time after that. Its not until now that I've had renewed interest in this again.

And if you don't mind me asking Nancy, how has your progress been? In terms of visual acuity on the Snellen chart numbers since you first started out.

You say that -6 is Heavy myopia or i am getting the wrong sense?

I used to have -13 on left and -12 on the right.
(I checked the prescription recently that i heaved ehm... lost. :Smile )
I was only responding to your "Heavy Myopia!" title to this thread. I've encountered people with -1.5 who can't take their glasses off without panic, & some who like me used to be about -10 & now wear no glasses at all except sometimes when I drive who consider myself "formerly heavily myopic". The more you do this work the more you'll realize vision is not static, & any Snellen measurement is only a snapshot of your acuity at that moment. I've flashed 20/30 outside in the sunshine several times, & am usually about 20/50 to 20/70. See my blog for more; the initial post at has a very brief summary of my eyesight history.

Everybody is different: I was disappointed when I started NVI to find few people with a prescription as strong as mine. Now I know I can learn from everyone, & it's very gratifying when I feel like I can help someone along myself.
Ares Wrote:You say that -6 is Heavy myopia or i am getting the wrong sense?

In my opinion yes I think that -6 is pretty bad. Anyway I currently aim to start off with palming for 10 minutes a day and implement more of the methods later on.

I've started a blog at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> which is also under my username.

Thanks for replying.


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