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inner eye muscles
Bates taught us that outer eye muscle tension (oblique, recti) can change the shape of the eye and result in incorrect focus of light rays in the eye and unclear vision.
Tension in the ciliary, iris... muscle, muscles that control tears and fluid flow... (inner eye muscles) can also affect function of these parts of the eye and contribute to unclear vision.
Anyone here have any old and new examples of this?
I am doing a new article on shifting and switching that involves getting the mind inside the eyeball while practicing shifting, central fixation, memory and imagination, switching close and far and being aware in relaxed, fun way of the eyes function and controling it as the person creates and experiences clear vision. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Clark
Study Peter Grunwald's work -- this is what he does. His work is built on a foundation of Alexander Technique training, to get people first used to inhibiting undesirable body movements, then directing the body part(s) to perform desirable ones. Three necessary steps: awareness of what you're doing, inhibition, direction. Many people never get past step one.
I have a problem with my tear glands. They produce a constant flow of tears. People always assume I am crying or whining. It's kind of like dry eye only the opposite.

+ny help?
Thank you. I like his work. Been reading it again recently while working on Physical Therapy chapter. Got his link on my website. ALexander Method is mentioned years ago in Bates Better Eyesight Magazines.

Tears; Here is some I know on this; Sunglasses, lack of full spectrum sunlight can cause eyes to water.
My Mom had cataract and wore sunglasses all the time outside.
After Stopping the sunglasses and practicing Bates method her eyes stopped watering and cataract reversing.

There is a muscle that travels, I think? from the eye socket... to the tear gland like the other outer eye muscles travel.
Tension in this muscle can affect tear gland function.
Using eye drops of any kind impairs natural tear production, function.
Muscle tension in your neck? Clarity of vision? Improving vision with Bates method relaxes, returns to normal function the outer eye muscles, inner eye muscles and neck, shoulder muscles and improves tear function. Blink, shift....
Professional massage. I used to advise chiropractic but have recently been injured severly by in the neck by a chiropractor. Hard to find a good one. They can cure many health, vision problems but many are now corrupt like the medical doctors. Want to do partial, unbalanced alignments to keep the patient impaired, dependent on them. I now advise professional, lisenced, massage and physical therapy only unless a chiropractor is absolutely necessary due to injury from auto accident... Even massage can injure. i was injured by unprofessional massage in South Boston, MA . Legs went numb, trouble walking from massuese pressure on wrong area on lower vertebraes/back. A honest chiropractor fixed it.
Try to use the Bates method and Nutrition, sunlight.
Nutrition; any nutrient missing in the diet.
I had a homeless friend in South San Francisco, CA, lived by the railroad tracks. His left eye watered all the time. He was malnurished. I know I am forgetting other treatments to tell you but memory is even effected from this neck injury.


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