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Back to 20/20 (or better)
My success story is not that remarkable, as my vision wasn't that impaired when I started. I have only had one pair of glasses with one prescription and that was to correct my approximate 20/30 blur and weren't needed to pass the 20/40 driver's exam etc. However, it didn't take much adjustment or reading on my part to improve my vision. I was wearing my glasses more and more often and was considering getting contacts when my wife came across the Bates method and is the one who actually read "Relearning to See" by Thomas R. Quackenbush. As she learned the different vision habits and mentioned them to me, I made an effort to practice them consciously while driving or a few times a day.

The main things that helped me were centralizing, blinking and learning to not put effort into seeing (staring, squinting etc). Swaying also helped. Once I stopped wearing my glasses everyday and made these vision habits 2nd nature, it was only a matter of weeks before I was again seeing at 20/20 or better. That was 3 or 4 years ago. I notice that my vision changes or fluctuates from time to time, which I have come to accept as being natural. I experience more blur in the winter, when there is less light and I am indoors more often. Summertime outside is often 20/15 clarity. If I am noticing or experiencing any degree of blur, I can usually lessen or get rid of it by taking a moment to sway, blink or sometimes palm.

That's about all I have to tell. Again, my case is rather unremarkable compared to others, but I thought it might be helpful to some.
Thanks for posting the story! Even small improvements are significant since most eye doctors don't recommend even bothering with vision improvement. I think this story would be inspiring for anyone that was just prescribed glasses and was looking for an alternative!

yes thanks for posting! What would you say was the main bad vision habit that you replaced that had the best effect on your eyes? sketching/blinking/ect...
Believe me or not, there are people out there, who cannot improve 0.25 degrees...

Actually, there is no matter if you cured 1/4 of a degree or 14 degrees.
The important is that you made it. 8)
yes I agree, and good to see you understand the basis of good vision and that it's fluctuation is normal.
I see lots of clear seeing individuals who are waiting (almost counting on) getting glasses once they notice their eyesight slightly weakening.
sad that we know more about how cars work and what they need than how our own body works...


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