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Tense facial muscles?
Hi all! I posted here some time ago about my myopia. I'm still having the problem but I didn't do much of the Bates Method, now I started again and I'm really determined to cure myself.

Now I want to tell you that the only part where I feel tension is my right eye, but predominantly my right cheek! On the left side I feel everything is normal, although my left eye is equally weak. What are some techniques to relieve the tension in my right cheek?

When I focus on it, the tension seems to go away a little, and also my eyes become lighter, meaning they lose some of the tension too!

Anyone got an explanation of the connection between facial muscles and vision? Thanks a lot. Smile
Me too I had in the past a similar feeling.
By palming enough with the hands warm enough it should go away pretty easily!

Have a nice day of improvements!
I get this problem too once in a while, and this is what my vision teacher taught me about the connection between facial muscles and vision. Imagine that you clench your fist very tightly. What happens? All the muscles in your fist become tense, and not only that, the muscles in your arm start to tense up as well. When we make a muscle tense, consciously or unconsciously, it affects all the other muscles around it. So as we learn to relax our fist (eyes) our arm muscles (face muscles) are naturally going to relax with them. I would agree with what Alexndre said, that palming and doing the other games and activities that relax our eyes will naturally take care of this problem.
Thanks for your opinions guys.

I just concentrated a lot on my right cheek last night and the tension almost went completely away! Eyes moved faster and were lighter, blinking was fast and effort-less and I think I can even see better! I also could see the swinging thing! I think I'm gonna concentrate on this and see if it works completely!

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