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Organising a glasses swap on this forum
if anyone wants glasses off me just ask

we should organise something for peole who want reduced prescription lenses for nearsightedness

I own a pair of -3 in both eyes
-1.5 in both eyes
-5 in both eyes, x 2

I dont use them anymore.

Pm me if you want them

Other members should do the same so we dont have to spend money on buying reduced lenses.

But once I read if you are nearsighted, that you need a PLUS lens to reverse oyur myopia, which made sense also.
i also have a pair of pinhole glasses

just reply if you want them, save yourself money from buying them on ebay

also have the book by leo angart, i might give that away also, i dont need it anymore, i saved all the good pages that I needed
also got

cure eyesight with eft

i dont know the exact title, but its about eyesight and EFT , emotional freedom technique

just respond and I will consider giving them away
Hey fuggles,
still got those pinholes and the EFt document?
I'll be interested in taking them off your hands Smile

yh i sent him a pm few days ago but he doesnt seem to be responding..

im back

this is the book

it is not a document

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it is a real book

Well , I can only give it to the first person who PM'ed me, my old email account is no longer being used,

I live in the Uk by the way,

so I might not ship to the US
if you live in the Uk i will send them

I pmed you back

so that's

2 books on eyesight from amazon

3 or 4 pairs of prescription glasses

1 pair of pinhole glasses
sinda did not PM me

i dont know if harold lives in the UK or US

I wouldnt really want to send something to the US,
what do you want out of the list ?

this is the other book

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leo angart book

and -1.5 glasses gone

Perfect Sight Without Glasses free download