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A bates Grasshopper in need
this is for all you clear eye'd jedi's out there! 8) Leading the way for us blurry eye'd individuals. I appreciate that you guys still help out those who are in the hole you were once in!

:o I frequently worry that i'm doing to much close up work, so i'll look out the window quite a bit and just look out at the world. But after reading bate's advice that reading fine print in dim light is excellent for vision improvement, I was wondering if maybe it doesnt matter so much the close up work someone does, but instead whether or not their eyes have healthy movement, constantly in motion over objects close and far. Sort of scanning everything constantly instead of locking on?

??? and i have some definitions i'd like approved. to me this is what i've interpreted these as:

sway: is where you twist and allow your surroundings to slide past your vision, helping to break up the stare
swing: where you use your eyes only to sort of scan over an object giving it the illusion of movement
shift: same as the swing?

I've kind of taken a break from "exercises" and integrated them into my daily life, focusing my energy on keeping conscious of my eyes all day. Always re-laxing when I squint, when I get those tense stares, I quickly start scanning(shifting?swinging?) over objects that i look at, its kind of like my life windshield is foggy so I use my circular eye motion to wipe the object into clarity! (sensable analogy? or am I way off?)

Thanks a ton you guys!!!
I'm just some amateur trying to improve her vision but to me it seems that if you have eyes relaxed, light conditions (unless very bad) don't quite matter. Yesterday evening, when I had my eyes greatly relaxed, I was reading some wonderful poetry (guess that also made me feel relaxed) in a dim light and my eyes felt so, so easy Smile

and I don't want to answer your second question, because I may be wrong.
Nah... Sith for me.

Because Natural Vision Correction has its Dark Side.

Fine Print is Great. Palm after reading it.

When you do close work, blink.
Also, every ten minutes, focus your vision to a far place, like a building or tree you can see from the window. Also, look to different objects near or on the room you can see easily. Try to avoid strain. After work do a massage or something. If you have seconds free for spending while working, palm a bit.

Alternately, you can look on the pc screen corners if you work on a pc.
Sappheir did you happen to look up from your poetry when your eyes felt easy and see if you had clearer distance vision?

And what is the dark side of healing vision?
Now that you guys can look back at when you were blurry-eyed, what were some of the main techniques and insights you had that helped you to gain more clarity? Some people say it was once they stopped being so controlling and let go of "trying" to see. Some finally learned how to trace/sketch objects correctly...others had wonders done from simply palming...

In my case I find myself looking at my world with an attitude of failure/success...I see blur and i think there's some feelings of failure in some ways... :'(
I struggle with seeing details and instead still fall to that old myopic habit of thinking the whole object should just come in clearly...


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