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eyesight and photoreading
In bates book i have read that many children, when they finished bates methods, gets a photoreading.

Someone learns about this ?
Photoreading incorporates principles of Bates method, like simple relaxation/palming. People who have done photoreading said their vision has improved. I wouldn't be surprised if it worked the other way around! Smile
Anyone got a website for this?
Hey, this is another miracle, thanks for asking this -- I just recently found out about photoreading and decided I want to do it.

There is this company discovered and doing this :

I am so thrilled with this. I found it as a feedback in Magic Eye book I just bought to myself for new years present. In the book there is a comment from the author Paul R. Scheele that looking into magyc eye 3D images is helping in Photoreading.

I don't know much more about this, but I was also thinking that this is helping activate and practice your right brain functions, that we use in seeing distances.
As I quickly read about this, you would just browse thru the book for 10 mins. Then when asked about things in book you just know the answer, you don't know how but the knowledge is in your head. Amazing. Can you imagine graduating from uni in this way!!! I could become OD and then would be pracitcing Dr Bates leagaly!ha-ha. No really I love this, just don't have time to go for this right now...

You know how eyes have to contract to see close and relax (or diverge) to see distances. I think this is about relaxing..

I was also thinking is this opposite to Dr BAtes' central fixation, as he is saying you see just one point the smallest point clear and everything around is blur.

But then palming is exactly relaxing which I found also used as a method at Martha Beck's relaxation techniques she is recommending (she is a life coach) as well.

So, I believe it is about activating your cells for periferal vision, overall vision. That function automatically relaxes the cells in the eye for detailed viewing from too much stress so then vision improves.

Why else would Bates say that in practicing central fixation it is better to imagine seeing everything else not regarded as less clear.

And for me this is continuance from Open Focus. Using global attaention, moving away from overfocused contracted objective detailed attention.
Our whole civilization is in mode of overfocusing, so that's why I think there is a future in things like OpenFocus and Photoreading.

I personali belive that Phororeading would help me to improve vision. I know Open Focus is helping.
I FEEL these are hand in hand with Dr Bates!

Hope this helps!

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