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I'm put down my dioptre
Hi, we already know each other Smile
So, I visit this community again for writing back my progress (I hope that I don't miss the topic section).
My story started in May 2009, when I first time hear about Bates method.I don't start with progress, until I learned it satisfactionly (it is about sempteber 2009).
But in the whole process couple of months after I started to exercise properly, I didn't find the way for weaker glasses, so I worn same glasses regardless to my success (I know that is sure stoping my progress), but during a day I didn't wear any glasses.
In December 2009, I find my old old glasses, and I started to wear them, but I was supprised how I can see good through them Smile
Very fast after that I felt that I overcome this dioptre, and today I order for -0.75 weaker lenses instead this Smile
I"ll be short: from -6.25 to power on my old glasses (-5.00), and I put down further my dioptre.
even watch TV musical videos from very far distance and I see it good like never before!!!
Also I have eyesight equal when I was a kid and started to wear glasses about -2.50 dioptre when I must took off and playing football Smile These days in my country is so cold, but no many people outside so I everyday go for a short walk around my neighborhood, without any glasses (only in my pocket), and I can see well also in the adverse conditions Smile But in the sunlight is very enjoyable life for me!!!
Because of some activities outside I using sometimes weaker contact lenses (weak about -0.25 from actually dioptre).I hope that is not dangerous (only for 2h a day).
I started sunning also, and I can see now big C from about 4 m.
I hope that I don't must change 10 pair of glasses until I come to -0.5, beacuse I heard that dioptre and our new eyesight not have logic with each other.Is it true?
How you measure my success?
Any advices for futher improvements?

P.S I congatulation to people who were worked and worn weaker glasses, especially who are driving with them, it is so frustrated sometimes!!! :o

But in any case REGARDS FOR ALL!!! ^-^
Congratulations on your progress: this is great! Doing things like the daily walk without your glasses, even if the weather is bad, will keep you on track. We eat every day and breathe every day; we need to take care of our eyes every day too. Wear your glasses as little as you can, always being safe, and notice how you feel. If they give you a headache, take them off. Yes, the sun is very good for your eyes -- keep that up too. It doesn't sound to me like you need much advice, just to keep doing what you already are. Nice going.
Thank you Nancy Wink

I must aks you your personally stuffs:

1) ...You mentioned headaches?I got it sometimes, but what is actually means?

2) Can I achieve at least 20/50 vision, even I wear a glasses with -4 dioptre?Or I must wear adequate dioptre this times to see line from 20 ft.? Actually I want to know does it exist any rules with quality of our eyesight and our prescription? This is maybe stupid question but this I don't understand!
3) What were your last prescription before you took off completely your glasses?

Regards!!! Smile
1. Headaches mean you're straining. It's that simple.

2. People with -4 (or worse) have improved to not needing glasses at all. Peter Grunwald (Mr. Eyebody) used to wear -10. If you're straining, you'll need stronger and stronger glasses to see 20/20. If you're relaxed, you'll see better with weaker or no glasses. Relaxation is the goal.

3. I have several pairs of glasses in my car, in case I need them to drive. I drive during the day with a pair of -2 on top of my head which I haven't used on my eyes for over a month, but it's too soon to say I'm "out of glasses for good". The last time I drove after dark, months ago, I used -5.25 glasses and took them off at every stoplight. They felt like they might be too strong now, and I didn't like the way they distorted the periphery.

The Bates Method works much better if you keep your focus on relaxing and accepting what you see, blurry or clear. Chasing the clarity is end-gaining and strain, and will just make you frustrated, and probably slow down your improvement.
Nancy, I must tell you some news about my condition Smile
I wear my new reduced glasses about 10 days (glasses were reduced -0.75 at each eye).And I can tell with pride, that my eyes already adopt to them and I use them equally like my previous glasses Smile Also I adopt to my reduced contacts, so I got a wings, and I am now sure that I'm on right track.
I also notice much more clarity outside, I relase all strain from this prescription, and I learned how to look, first time in my life without strain.I know now, what this is actually mean!
Does it is time to buy again weaker glasses?What do you think?
But anyway, I started to see further improvement, that it is only important!!! Wink

I also start to pick up tips and trick from sorrisi's blog , which is excellent!I simple must mentioned that!!!


I'll write again with time, how improvements goes.
Good for you -- this is great progress! I can't advise you on whether or not you are ready for weaker glasses yet -- it sounds like you think you might be, but you want some reassurance. I see all my glasses as temporary, knowing someday I won't need them at all. So with this attitude, it might be worth getting the weaker pair, then seeing how you feel when you're wearing them. If it's too big of a leap and you get anxious, you're not ready quite yet, so you can keep them until you are. But maybe you ARE ready. Let us know.

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