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Neck vertebrae dis-alignment, neck muscle tension does affec
This is my experience with bad chiropractor, caused neck and back vertebrae dis-alignment and many different, weird vision disturbances.
I had more vision problems not listed here. If anyone interested, send a message.
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I want to thank you for your thought about me going to a different chiropractor.
After that bad chiropractor last year broke something in my neck, vertigo, hospital... I was afraid to go to any more and was going to try and just do physical therapy muscle strengthening which used to work but that was when my neck/back was aligned to begin with.
I got up the courage to go back to a older chiropractor, drank 8 tall beers to get in there cbeause it relaxed my muscles so i could walk to the appointment and it relaxed my neck muscles so the alignment finally went correct; when she turned the neck left and right it fuilly moved and popped on both sides. When this happens it always results in good health. Lot dizzyness while being treated when she aligned 3 vertebrae that were pulling on nerves in the back/neck, but after was fixed, was much better! That other guy disaligmed 3 places in the back and 3 in neck and wanted to then sell 120 treatments and then more for life!!
The lady chiropractors treatment worked! She said i dont need any more treatments! Can now do old physical exercises and muscles, nerves better, stronger every day and no vertigo. I now realize from own experience and chiropractor told me this; the muscles must be relaxed in the neck, back to get a good alignment. Thats why good chiropractors do massage first. If muscles are too tense, it can result in injury, unbalanced, partial alignment of neck... I dont recommend drinking beer too much but it was that or drugs from the doctor that can cause heart problems. The beer relaxed the muscles perfectly. No side effects.

Cool! It sounded like that's what you needed. It's hard to trust someone to dig around in there again after the last one messed it up.

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Really appreciated having someone to give me a good opinion on that. Could of had a stroke. Had double vision, light ghostly after images of objects, lot of weird visual disturbances when the vertebrae were disaligned, and ears too; ringing.
It's really great that you've finally gotten on top of your neck pain. I agree with you that the muscles have to be relaxed, or they'll pull the bones out of alignment -- that's probably how a lot of "chiropractic" problems start to begin with. I get deep bodywork a few times a month from a woman I've known for years and totally trust, who has cranio-sacral, reflexology, massage, and polarity certification. After a session I always see a lot better, my mind is clearer and I'm more optimistic, as well as my body feeling all un-twisted. I'm starting to think people only need chiropractic when they have a big problem like you did, or maybe from an auto accident.
Thanks Nancy.
Yeah, same here; Long time ago, after the good chiropractor aligned me correct a few years ago, I was doing great when using only physical therapy, natural gymnastics... sports exercises and vowed to never have chiropractic on the neck again cause had two past experiences with chiropractors doing those one sided neck turns or they try to do both sides but only one side moves and it moves partially, gets 'stuck' and does not move/pop fully and they always say 'its ok' but it always results in ear ringing and/or dizzyness. Recent neck problem occured only after a chiropractor automatically, routinely did the neck when my back (I forgot to say no neck alignment) was injured from lifting cement blocks last year. Did not need the neck done. I seen on Youtube that chiropractors must ask first if you want the neck done.
Later I realized that professional massage could relieve the back pain completely. (Neighbor is Massusse.) Chiropractor (not the bad one) popped the back into alignemnt both left and right sides, but still 80% pain. Massage fixed it 100% in one day.
I am placing all this in my next book upgrade. I know chiropactic can cure blindness.. if vertebrae are misaligned but its not something that all people need unless a injury needs to be fixed. Too dangerous if the wrong person does it.
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