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VA with and without glasses
Hi, I'm new to this forum...
I got glasses when I was 23 years old and have been wearing them for about 2 years now..My starting prescription was -1.5...and it was constant for about an year... and then I opted to go for contact lenses as I hated wearing the time of my test to get fitted for contact lenses my doctor told me that my prescription was about -1.25 for glasses and he said that it was okay to continue with -1.5 power..within 6 months of wearing contact lenses my sight got worse and I was prescribed -2.25 lenses..
I have been practising bates for about 5 months now. and I can see about 20/20 on the snellen chart with my -1.5 glasses... but my visual acuity is around 20/200 without glasses. I can makeout the 20/100 and the 20/70 lines but they are not very clear.
I find it a little wierd that my visual acuity with glasses is getting better while my visual acuity without glasses hasn't changed much... is that possible??? or am I just imagining my improvement??
I am not sure if I understand this question since i have not worn glasses for about 40 years.
I do know that: if your vision is very clear with glasses on, the glasses might be very strong. If vision gets more impaired by the strong glasses, which usually happens, then the glasses will eventually be too weak and vision through the glasses is unclear. The doctor will then try to prescribe stronger lenses and this will cause more vision impairment.
Also, if your vision improves with Bates method, then, the glasses will be much too strong and too strong glasses will also produce blur when looking through the lenses. Then it is time to get a weaker, reduced pair of glasses.
Reduced, weaker 20/40 lenses. Each pair being weaker and weaker is the way to go. Continue Bates Method when wearing the glasses and when not wearing the glasses. Soon you can go without any glasses. See

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