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Is it progress?
Hi, everyone.

I've noticed that upon doing vision exercises (palming, swinging, shifting) my vision rarely improves at that particular time that I do them, and not by much.

However, I've noticed that, recently, when I wake up in the morning and look out the window, I can see a lot better than I usually do, my right eye having noticeably lost some degree of its myopia. This doesn't last very long. Maybe 15 minutes, after which it slowly reverts to its "normal" state of myopia, sometimes being just a little bit better than normal. (Sorry for being so vague, but I don't know how much myopia I have on each eye, due to the lack of a proper Snellen eye chart and the fact that I refuse to go have my eyes checked, as I certainly don't want any glasses.) At any rate, I've also noticed some clear flashes during the afternoon/evening, but nowhere near as pronounced as the one that occurs after I wake up.

So, that said, my question is: Is it normal for the eyes to see better in the morning, being rested and everything, or is this a sign of progress on my part? Also, any opinions as to why it manifests itself in the morning?

Many thanks.
Hi Vlad!
Yes, it is progress!
Here is the URL of the chart that I use: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... hart.shtml</a><!-- m -->
It's letters are of the right size so you will get a better precision if you want to know if your sight improve, because without a chart, it's hard to tell how your sight is because between perfect and blurry, it's easy to see, but between blurry and blurry, it's much harder to see the difference.
If your sight is better in the morning than later during the day, it's probably a sign that you strain less while sleeping than during the day.
As I would recommend to everyone here, do 15-20 long swings just before sleeping and just after you wake up. By doing this each days, you will easily reduce your amount of strain and your sight will be better. After that, in the morning, read your chart and if you have some time, palm a little bit. You don't need to palm hours at a time, if you palm for just 30 seconds, it's already a good start! If you say that you don't have time to practice the morning, wake up 5 minutes sooner and then you have some time to practice. Also, during the day, do not stare and blink often. If you have a small break, you can palm a little bit, it's always good!

Have a nice day of improvements!
Ah, many thanks!

I have what could be called an eye chart (i.e. letters of different sizes on a sheet of paper) but I'm sure it's not a standard Snellen chart. For some reason, I wasn't able to find a printable version of it on the net. Your link should fix that problem. Thanks for your other advice as well.

Hi Vlad!
Remember that every kind of street name plates, clock, poster can be used as a chart
Have a nice day of improvement!

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