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Posting goal for all to see.
Hello. I'm new here and just wanted to post what my goal with this program is, so everybody knows to start kicking my teeth in every time I start slacking. Wink
I'm 17 and have had poor vision in my right eye since as long as I can remember. I'm going to try and get into the police academy by 19, and I heard from a close friend, they require 20/40 minimum in both eyes. My current vision is 20/10 left eye, 20/<80 in my right. I'll be turning 19 in April 2012.

Well, my opinion is, that because methods like the Bates Method are around, no one should be allowed to enter, if he has even 20/40 or less degrees of error or refraction.

20/<80 is nothing. I bet you will have this eye at 20/20 on a week.

First, don't set a goal like a prophecy. No intention to offense but, you can't have 20/20 on 2012 because you said it, and if you go that way you will make your vision worst. I made the same mistake and i learned from it.

Also, it would be really nice if you like to share with us, and tell as what error of refraction you have. Myopia? Astigmatism? etc...
That way, the people here, can give you specific instructions and advices.

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