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Illness, healthiness, injuries affect relaxation/flashes?
I know there are millions of people with perfect sight and can be smokers, drug addicts, have really poor diets...but their vision stays the same because they use their eyes without strain and its basically really hard
to lower the vision unless you use a really unhealthy object called "glasses"?

But in terms of someone with poor vision and trying to improve through bates it really hard to do it when they are really sick, injured, or unhealthy? I am in all 3 of those categories and would being
in such a state affect greatly my success with removing the strain and using the eyes in a relaxed way?

Also, what does the star on the post mean when i'm browsing threads?
How you know that they have 20/20 vision?
They might have 10/20 and not even notice.
Many people have 0.50 degrees for years and they found out when they check their eyes for some reason.

Injuries are helping you relax, because your body wants to relax, to made repairs.
Also hard work, or workouts, work the same way.
When you are sick, again, is more easy to relax because your body has work to do.

As for drugs, i don't know, but i haven't hear that weed improves the vision.
Smokers is another story and most of them can be healthy, with the only unhealthy addiction be the cigarettes.

And if a diet is really poor, will eventually kill you. So no worries about the eyesight.


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