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I Passed My Driver's Licence Test
Hey Folks,

I've done it. I passed my driver's licence test. Heh, it took 3.5 years, but I did it. During this past 3.5 years I have not practiced the Bates methods as religiously as I should have, and I know that my progress could have been faster, but I did it -- err, passed my Drivers Licence test.

I started out with worse than 20/200 vision in my right eye, and about 20/100 in my left. I had worn glasses for 36 years, since I was 8 years old. when I first started I made pretty quick progress, but started to slow down after awhile -- again, this is because I wasn't as diligent at practicing good vision habits as I should have done. I made a few posts to this web site back in 2006 when I started, then dropped off. Not because I wasn't interested, but instead because, you know, I was just plugging along.

Some people seem to regain great vision quickly, like in a matter of a year or two, or even a few months. For me, it's gone slower, but it still does work, you just have to be patient, optimistic and keep going.

Now, I'll just keep plugging away until I have 20/10 vision, which is my goal.

For those of you who are going to to this, I have some advise that I've learned the hard way. Please don't make the same mistakes I did.

1) DON'T CHECK YOUR VISION ON EYE CHARTS, LICENCE PLATES, LABELS OR ANY OTHER THING THAT YOU INVENT, ALL THE TIME!!! The only thing this accomplishes is it reenforces in your mind/subconscious that you don't see well yet. You mind is a VERY obedient servant and if you're constantly reminding yourself (by anally "testing" your vision) that you don't see as well, then your mind will say, "okay, I don't see well."

Of course you should check your progress occasionally -- preferably on a weekend morning when you are relaxed. So buy an eye chart and hang it up somewhere so you can. BUT you only need to check your vison once a week maximum, and I'd say once an month is plenty. Other than that, turn the eye chart to the wall so you can't see it.

This is the one and only thing that need concern you, BUT NOT STRESS YOU. You need to practice good vision habits at all times. Think of your day's activities and find ways to practice good vision habits when doing all of them. You won't be good at first, but keep working at it and you'll get better. Just remember, you CAN"T make yourself see well, so your visual acuity is NOT your concern. But you vision habits ARE. But also, don't STRESS about your habits, just remember to nudge them along when you find yourself staring, etc.

This method does work! But at the same time, it's not always easy. There will be plenty of experts, family and friends who will be happy to crush you dream and your ideas. Don't listen to the croakers who don't know anything. For me, self hypnosis has helped immensely both in helping me practice good habits and staying optimistic.

Sure, there are those whose stress does not affect their vision, so they can be stress monkeys and still see better than 20/20. But the days that they'll be able to do this are numbered, someday their mind will connect the two. And for you, those days of thinking stress does not effect you (and your vision) are long past. Stress, anxiety, fear, all of those things really ARE connected to your vision (and your temper, happiness, job/school performance and everything else!). Again, for me self hypnosis has really helped. But whatever method you use, don't neglect this or you won't succeed. Imagine someone who is obese trying to loose 50 pounds of fat and keeping it off -- while being depressed, negative and stressed and the same time. What do you think their chances of success would be? Zip, nadda and zero are some of the correct answers. It’s the same thing with you and your vision.

In the end remember, you're doing something great, Something that may be far from easy, something that is so far beyond most people's perceived possibilities that you might as well say you're going to fly to the moon. You can't help all of them out of their self imposed cages. But for some odd reason, many people will have an active interest in making sure you stay in your cage. Don't let them. Smile, be optimistic, be kind (even to the nay sayers) be PATIENT, and live well. This is a tremendous thing to do. Imagine learning to not stress about your vision, which, in turn, will teach you to not stress about anything else either, and THAT is a GREAT gift and ability, easily worth the great effort is takes to obtain it.


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