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I wanted to drop in and say I believe there is something to the idea behind your device.

While I haven't tried it exactly as you described yet (but plan to), something happened by accident which I think was a similar effect:

I was looking at the floor/wall and there was an LED night light plugged into the wall nearby. The room was mostly dark except some ambient light coming in from another room, so this nightlight was seeming kind of bright, almost like a glare. It wasn't far from where I was looking, so it was somewhere near the center of my vision, but not exactly in the center. Maybe halfway out from the center? Anyway -- I'm looking at some stuff near the nightlight and I noticed my vision get noticably clearer.

I have to mess with this some more, as well as trying your device again. I tried it before but I don't think I had the lighting just right, or at the right angle.

But then this thing with the nightlight just happened by accident. And the more I played with it, the clearer the vision got, to a point where it just stopped improving and I gave it a break.

So I wanted to let you know, if the "glare" of the nightlight was producing a similar effect to the light reflecting from the CD's, a "glare" effect, then I do believe there's something to what you say. Please keep playing with it & let us know how it goes.


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