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Hi everyone!
I have clear flashes even more easily when I drive and the sun is shining directly in my eyes. (From the side window of my car, as an example)
I don't know exactly what makes it so easy to have good sight when the eye is exposed to such an amount of light, but it works well! Using your cd and a snellen test card to check exactly what you shoud (or shouldn't) do would probably be very useful to gain some improvement.

JMartinC4, I'm born in 1990, so I should probably not use my eyes to read what you write, but since many persons have perfect sight, even if they had any substance in the eyes, I can't say that there is a big link with imperfect sight but, still I agree that I would be better to not have received such substance in the eyes. Remember how Bates worked: If there is any exception to a theory, it doesn't work, so I believe that stress/strain/problems are a much more important cause of imperfect sight.

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