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Nancy Wrote:I'm with Alexandre, the wise youngster. One counter-example disproves the theory -- one person who got the dreaded neo-natal drops who can see clearly is all it takes. People of all ages, even infants, can recover from strain. JMartinC4, I'm glad this theory is helping you improve, but I disagree that it's a major factor for most or even many people as a cause of poor eyesight.
Do you always disagree with ideas before they're tested - or just my ideas? One counter-example of an untested theory doesn't disprove anything, and your example doesn't disprove anything about my full theory. Plenty of people who have tried Dr. Bates' methods have had no success. Does that mean his methods are incorrect?
From previous posts, I know you agree that normal newborns have normal eyesight. Why does it become blurry?
How do you explain the increasing prevalence and progressive worsening of myopia?
Would you agree that most Americans have one eye with worse vision than the other? If you don't like my theory of why that might be, what is your alternative?
If you look into the history of science, before the industrial age and for most of its infancy, most highly educated people were not myopic. Now I think the 4-eyed science nerd is a well-known and accepted observation. Why?
But if you don't believe my theory of how a lot of children probably become myopic under stress due to latent (or continuiung) imprinted unconscious memories of blur-acceptance, and visual misalignment, caused by neonatal antibiotics and their unequal instillation and subsequent lack of proper visual training, what theory of myopic etiology do you subscribe to? Opthalmolgy itself doesn't know what causes it! Yet they refuse to believe Bates Methods can reverse it. My theory does not contradict Dr. Bates' theory; it verifies and improves it.
Does the sun rise in the east and set in the west or is that just a nice illusion?
If lenses (continually) alter the angle of the surrounding light to fit the myopic person (Opthalmology thinks it's just the eyeballs), why can't the person learn to (continually) alter their own visual angle to fit the surrounding light instead? I think that is what the Bates Methods actually accomplish in the end.
I remain convinced of the truth and efficacy of my insights and supplements to the Bates Methods for anyone who received neonatal eye antibiotics.
Smile 8) O0

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