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Andrea Major Wrote:Actually, Dr Bates writes that all infants' vision changes very much from one day to the next. According to his observations, one day may be myopic then hypermetropic the next, and so on.
Dang right - the silver nitrate treatment renders the infant's vision a complete and completely unequal blur for up to 72 hours! I guess my theory is still on track!
(I don't get it - why do some supposed Bates Method followers seem very intent on disproving an untested theory which primarily bolsters and verifies the use of the Bates Methods? Why wouldn't they instead or at least simultaneously be offering examples that confirm aspects of the 'new' untested theory? A completely free theory based on facts and discoveries, which connects and updates the history of natural vision improvement, and is forthrightly given in a positive manner. To me, they seem jealous, maybe angry, incurious and somewhat snotty. And I'm not sure why.)
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