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Why can't we sun in Fluorescent?
No, I don't know very much about it. According to the legal essay many countries, maybe even all the 'developed' ones, have implemented the eye drops/ointment, but only the USA actually made it a crime not to administer them. Further research on google reveals a good amount of rebellion out there by mothers/parents who have to sign some waiver to prevent the treatment - but only when they demand it and of course only if they know about it. And I'm not saying it's the only possible cause of myopia.
David Wrote:JMatin, look at some Asian countries. Huge prevalence of myopia. I assume you've checked into their routines of eye drops on newborns?

More importantly - did you know that normal newborns have perfect eyesight? Or, if anything, they are farsighted? It's in the 1989 NAS study.
clarknight Wrote:I think Janet Goodrich wrote this or someone that took a course from her told me about that eyedrops thing.

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