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transition between myopia and ghosteffect

i have now 20/60 in left and 20/70 ( much more worse when i posted here last time - fuck ! )

I see object somethink like that ( level blur - 2 ):
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... Itemid=144</a><!-- m -->

Learned from here :
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

I have practised this so much that i forget about step of imagination. Only close -> open eye ( without imagination and memory - only sometimes but this give sometimes better or worse effect ). After step 'open eye' i see almost clear but in 50% with ghost effect and its pitching and hurts. Sometimes i can see without blurs and without pinch, but always in effort that i feel like my eyes is squeeze ( on up and down ) - but my eyes is open. Its for me somethink strange.

I see something like that
(set opacity - 52 and more )
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... Itemid=145</a><!-- m -->

what should i do in that case ?
Somewhere in bates book has written, that is not good idea for get better sight.
Thanks anyway a lot
In general, I would say that when teaching yourself has not worked, it is worth the investment to pay a teacher to help you. They will immediately see what you do wrong.

i don't understand what you are writing about the ghost effect or I would try to help you. Learn something less complicated such as shifting or central fixation.

and i forget about this.
When image become more or less with ghosteffect than i swift in small area. That help so much that i see almost clearly. But pinching is countinues to be
I'm having a hard time understanding you, so I think we have a bit of a language barrier here, but what do you mean by "pinching"? Stinging?

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I write
I think you are talking about a slightly double image, one ghostly? Are they clearer than the orignal blurry vision?
Sometimes as blurry vision is clearing, there is a bit of double image effect but the images are clear. This is a good symptom. Means the vision is improving. Keep the shifting on the object, blink, relax, shift point to point and the two images will merge into one clear image. See videos on Youtube for night vision and close vison... Links are on website, videos page.
Reasons for the double image: left and right brain hemispheres working together, trying to return to normal function, eye muscles returning to normal relaxation, contraction, uncontraction, movement, function, maybe one or two muscles still bit tense, needs to continue to perfect relaxation, movement. During time of temporary tension in the muscles, slight astigmatism can occur. Its temporary!
Also, when the vision is very unclear there may be astigmatism at times and the vision is so blurry it cannot be seen. When the student uses the Bates method and the blur is clearing, the astigmatism is noticed, then the astigmatism also clears.
You do not have to do the memory imagination all the time. Its just a extra thing to improve vision. Just keep clear images of objects in the mind. Avoid imagining blur. Try to avoid trying hard to do the activities. Do them relaxed, no effort. then let the eyes alone and let them shift... on their own.

Clark Night
I'm having the same problem understanding you as David is. I read "swift in small area" 3 times before I figured out you meant "shift". Well, smaller shifts are more helpful than large ones, so if this is helping your clarity, keep that up. Clarity and an increased feeling of relaxation are always signs that you're on the right track.(Note if you're squinting, there may be brief increased clarity, but your face won't feel relaxed, so squinting is not a good thing to do.)
Nancy, yeah, squinting will cause tension, strain and maintain the ghostly, double image. Shifting, central fixation, blink, relax, breathe abdominally will creat one clear image.
ok i will try to present this in steps:

1. My vision ( set blur 2 )
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... Itemid=144</a><!-- m -->

2. close and open eyes ( this takes less then 1sec, no memory, no imagination )

My vision now:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... Itemid=145</a><!-- m -->
and in 20% can be a more blur ( blur 7 )
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... Itemid=144</a><!-- m -->
only 10% to see clear without effort and any hurts from the eyes and its long ( 1-2minute Big Grin)

4. if image become more clearer, after open eyes, then i nothing do. only some shift
if becomes more blur than im shifting in small area or again open->close eyes.

5. after 1-2 sec after that eyes tweaks and hurt ( )
i have that when image getting so clear or is so much clearer, whenever is ghosteffect.

Keep this training or stop that ?
In small amount time ( my vision 20/60 ) i can see 20/25
Now I understand some of this. I clicked the tab on the top and chose the settings 2 and 7 and other you described.
Check with your eye doctor. If vision is getting clearer, keep up the Bates method. If not, find a teacher to be sure you are doing it right.


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