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Spring and sight related thoughts and motivation
Hi -- I hate to prove you wrong (grin!), but here I am replying, and not just to thank you for citing me as a good example. I am also finding an exuberance I can hardly contain in this milder weather. Yesterday I raked both of my lawns for the first time this season (one still with a substantial pile of snow in the middle), listening to the birds singing joyously. I walk or jog through the development, feeling the warm sun on my face like a blessing, and everyone I see is smiling at me! People look like they were let out of prison, so happy just to be out of doors. I am noticing I am more and more confident looking far, whether it's blurry or not, and am realizing how enjoyable it is to really look at my surroundings and people's faces. Even though I had sharp artificial clarity in those strong glasses I wore most of my life, I missed a lot. Happy Spring, everyone!


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Re: Spring and sight related thoughts and motivation - by Nancy - 03-20-2010, 10:18 AM