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Spring and sight related thoughts and motivation
Hi everyone here!
(Of course, I know that no one will reply to this post(grrr!), but for those who wish to read it, it may be useful!)

Yes, it's the return of the sun and of the beautiful and warmer weather. For some persons, as me, it means going outdoor more and use my bike. For others, it means walking outside, running, skating, doing sports or any other activities that we can't always do during the cold season, but for most of us, it's also an happy time of the year where everything seems possible.

With longer and more sunny days, it will be a great time to improve our sight more easily! By doing sunning a little bit each days, the sun will be your friend instead of your ennemy and you will be comfortable outside instead of squinting and strain your eyes.

Palm as often and for as long as you wish each days, while listening to music that will set you on a good mood. Play with your Snellen test card daily. Do not stare and blink often and let go of your strain, by seeing in the more effortlessly way possible. Good sight comes easily. Also, when possible, do not use your glasses at all if you want to improve faster.(Follow safety rules in your country!)

Do the long swing effortlessly often. It is good for releasing strain in both your visual system and in your spine/neck.

When you feel that you see by eccentric fixation, or when your eyes don't feels comfortable, take a little break and relax. If you have difficulty to keep up your good work, or if you want some inspiration, follow the blogs of two good examples here: Nancy ( and Sorrisi (

By doing what is written here, I firmly believe that it's impossible to not improve your sight with the discoveries of William H. Bates. So,

Have a nice day of improvements!
Hi -- I hate to prove you wrong (grin!), but here I am replying, and not just to thank you for citing me as a good example. I am also finding an exuberance I can hardly contain in this milder weather. Yesterday I raked both of my lawns for the first time this season (one still with a substantial pile of snow in the middle), listening to the birds singing joyously. I walk or jog through the development, feeling the warm sun on my face like a blessing, and everyone I see is smiling at me! People look like they were let out of prison, so happy just to be out of doors. I am noticing I am more and more confident looking far, whether it's blurry or not, and am realizing how enjoyable it is to really look at my surroundings and people's faces. Even though I had sharp artificial clarity in those strong glasses I wore most of my life, I missed a lot. Happy Spring, everyone!
Thank you so much, Alexandre! I feel so different in the spring and summer than in the fall and winter. In the spring I feel much more engaged in the world, and also more overwhelmed by it in both good ways and bad ways. I'm not sure why, but in warmer months I really feel time passing and I experience life more dramatically. I think this is good for the vision as well.

. . . Know what? I'm seriously going to get up and do some swings, right now.
Hi Nancy!

Ha! I was sure that it would work to write that at the second line of my post!
When you talk of being more confident looking far, it reminds me of when I was in high school, when it was painful just to look at the other side of the street, while waiting for the bus. Now, it's so much better! Smile As strange as it may seems for some persons here, we can see much more things without glasses than with glasses, even if it's not a theorical 20/20!

Have a nice day of improvement!
Summon-Pretty-Peace, you are doing the right thing! Me too, I will do some swings right away!
Have a nice day of improvements!

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